Are We A Sociopathic Species?

When we consider the evidence objectively, right now, we are behaving like a sociopathic species, deliberately killing off all life on earth:

1. Introduce the concept of YEAR ZERO = 2026, the year when 100% wild vertebrates will disappear at their current rate of decline.

2. Emphasize that wild animals are dying because increasing numbers of domestic animals are being raised.

3. The total catch of sea animals has been slowly declining over the past few years not because of want of trying, but because there aren't that many sea animals left. We are currently using Big Data software and GPS hardware technologies in NASA-like settings, with large rooms full of monitors, to track and trap the last remaining fish in the ocean.

4. The weight of toxic chemicals introduced into the environment is 4-5 times the weight of all the GreenHouse Gases (GHG) that we emit into the atmosphere each year and yet no one talks about it.

5. The equivalent weight of all GHGs emitted into the atmosphere depends on what timeframe we use to calculate them, whether 10 years, 20 years or 100 years. 60 Giga tons is over a 100 year timeframe and it would be around 80 Giga tons over a 10 year timeframe. Of that, 36 Giga tons is Carbon Di Oxide or CO2.