Prof. H-S. UdayKumar
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA
email: hs-kumar@uiowa.edu

Professor Udaykumar’s research is in the general area of fluid structure interaction. He has investigated blood cell dynamics in the circulation, artificial and native heart valve motion in the human heart, interaction of ice with cells, blast wave dynamics and supersonic motions of projectiles. Prof. Udaykumar’s work in all of these really different scenarios has been well published (> 100 papers and articles) and well cited (>400 citations per year).

Another notable area of his interdisciplinary work to address the problem of firewood smoke inhalation amongst women in children in rural communities in India and Africa. He has led several groups of researchers and students to India to study the problem. Recently, he was a co-investigator on a Fulbright Group Research project on the topic in India and also co-organized an international conference on the topic at the University of Iowa.

Prof. Udaykumar’s research has been supported by several federal agencies over the years. He has been a recipient of an NSF CAREER Award and also a Whitaker Foundation Biomedical Engineering Grant. He has also been a Co-PI on NIH R01 grants, VA Research grants and a PI on an NIH R21 grant. He has mentored graduate students to diverse careers, including academia, the finance sector, medical practice, biomedical research and entrepreneurship. Prof. Udaykumar’s research, teaching and mentoring activities have been wide-ranging and impactful.