Title Slide

This slide deck works for many titles, including "Healthy Living", "Why Everyone Should Go Vegan NOW!," "Vegan World 2026!" etc. Please customize it to suit your audience.

For Healthy Living, "This is about Healthy Living. Health and happiness go hand in hand. Health and suffering don't. Health is not just our physical, mental and spiritual health, but also the health of everything around us and the planet in which we live. You cannot be healthy, immersed in filth. My health depends upon your health and vice-versa."

After introducing myself and Climate Healers, I typically ask the audience,

"Before I begin, how many of you are Vegan? Please raise your hands."

If it is not a 100% Vegan audience, then I ask the follow up question,

"How many of you would deliberately hurt an innocent animal unnecessarily?"

Usually no one raises their hand. Then I tell them, "We are ALL Vegan at heart, because that is the definition of Veganism. However, for some of us, who we are and what we do are not in alignment, which leads to unnecessary suffering. We are all in the process of freeing ourselves from this unnecessary suffering. We each have a unique path to follow because we are each in our unique place. The best we can do is to help each other as we all come HOME to who we really are. I cannot be truly healthy as long as you are suffering."