THEY have planned out what is going to happen and you can read all about it in the UN FAO's projections. They are planning to continue growing the global meat and dairy industry into the foreseeable future and at the current rate of decline, this would mean that 100% of wild vertebrates will disappear by YEAR ZERO : 2026. As wild animals die off, you can be pretty sure that our necks are on the chopping block. In fact, even today, it is estimated that 10-15% of global mortality is due to climate-related causes. This will only keep increasing as the life support systems on earth keep degrading.

THEY surely think that they would be the last remaining survivors on a dying planet. They probably already have survival bunkers and spaceships built out for their continued existence as "winners" of a brutal competition played out to the end of all life.

Please don't expect the brains of the Caterpillar, to pilot the cocoon phase of our existence. It is up to all of us to do that.