Who Are THEY? - The Meatocracy Slide

When we look through the stock ownership of the large corporations that run the global Meat, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Media sectors, we see the same four financial holding companies, Fidelity Magellan, Vanguard, State Street and BlackRock, dominating all of them. These "Big Four" financial holding companies are worth over $15 Trillion and they control the corporate behavior in these sectors, which in the Caterpillar phase, is all about promoting this cancerous growth. Hence, they influence government policies to minimize regulation on chemical pollution and they promote the purveying of known carcinogenic animal foods, even to children. The chronic diseases that result are the cash cow of the pharmaceutical industry. All of these industries depend upon the willing participation of the consumers.

Since the Big Four are "holding" companies, they don't have to disclose their ownership, just like the US Federal Reserve, which is a private holding company that controls the currency of the US.