A Mahatma Gandhi Quote

Finally, leave the audience with this inspiring story and quote from Mahatma Gandhi. Exactly a century ago, Gandhi led a grassroots Khadi movement in opposition to British colonialism. In that movement, he persuaded the people of India to ditch British clothes in favor of Khadi clothes made by Indians in India. It was a simple act that anybody could do, but it was a substantial act and it was a spiritual act because it brought the people of India together. Within a dozen years after Gandhi started the Khadi movement in 1919, the textile mills in Manchester went bankrupt and the British government was on its knees begging to negotiate with Gandhi. It took him just twelve years and he did it without any social media, Internet or other modern means of communication.

The Vegan movement is in exactly the same situation today. Instead of changing what we wear, we need to now change what we eat. It is a simple act that anybody can do, but it is a substantial act and it is also a spiritual act. As Pope Francis said, "It is contrary to human dignity to cause animals to suffer or die needlessly."  In the 21st century, we have access to social media, internet as well as the cell-phone to connect with our fellow humans. Can we not accomplish our mission to turn the world largely Vegan within the next 8 years?

We need the same passion that Gandhi brought. We need to act as if "it is our duty to induce people, by any honest means necessary, to go Vegan."