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Climate Healers is an Executive Producer of three documentaries that exposed a cancerous growth in the economic system. These are the films THEY don't want you to see.

We pour billions of tons of toxic chemicals into the environment (The Human Experiment) which then get bio-concentrated in animal foods, while we persuade people to eat more animal foods as they climb up the economic ladder (Cowspiracy). Naturally, when they do that, people get sick and the pharmaceutical companies address their symptoms with even more chemicals (What The Health). This is very profitable for the pharmaceutical companies because the people who eat lots of animal foods also happen to have money and/or insurance. This unnecessary, cancerous growth in the global economy constitutes 80% of the GDP of the planet, which will collapse if the world goes on an organic, whole-foods, plant-based diet. Therefore, no one in any leadership position talks about the chemical pollution of our planet or the harmful effects of our consumption of animal foods.