The Sacred Lifeline Project


Our vision is an eco-centric, life-enriching global culture of normalized nonviolence.

The mission of the Sacred Lifeline Project is to create safe, living spaces as experiential education and research centers (Imaginal Cell Academies) where such a culture can flourish, where we integrate human economy with natural ecology, creating and cultivating thriving, regenerative nonviolent systems of joyful living, founded on compassion for all life. Such a Great Transition in culture from our mainstream ego-centric consumer culture of normalized violence requires changes in foundational stories, common attitudes towards others including other life-forms, processes and practices. This is a multi-disciplinary undertaking involving artists, anthropologists, psychologists, political scientists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, architects and spiritual leaders, among others. Hence we have assembled a strong team with diverse international experience and strong knowledge to mentor this project as it takes shape with primary, hands-on participation of the younger generation.

The Sacred Lifeline project envisions a network of radically inclusive, sustainable, off-grid, zero-waste, "Imaginal Cell Academy" communities, modeling and exemplifying a compassionate, vegan lifestyle. These communities will be located around the world to provide opportunities for a steady flow of local visitors to experience such a lifestyle during their visits. Visitors would come with nothing except the clothes on their back and they will be provided with everything they need, toothbrush, toothpaste, clothes, towels and other personal items that are guaranteed to be cruelty-free and toxin-free. Visitors would literally be taking on a new material identity in such an "Imaginal Cell" experience.

The project is founded on our core guiding principle that compassion for all life is infinitely sustainable. Our core values are Freedom, Ecological Thrivability and Sacredness of all Life, which we assert are the true Foundations for Ecological Security (FES). We value that each individual is unique and should be free to contribute to the larger community as they choose. We value that a thriving human economy is only possible as a subsystem of a thriving natural ecology. We value that all life is sacred, precious and interconnected.

Our project goals are threefold:  

1. We intend to implement and demonstrate that it is possible for humanity to live joyfully in a nonviolent Vegan lifestyle, while utilizing less than half the Earth’s ecological capacity, thus allowing wildlife to flourish using the other half.

2. We intend to propagate this lifestyle to help realize Vegan World 2026! Specifically, our goal is to ensure that at least half the citizens in developed countries such as the United States self-report to be Vegan by 2026.

3. We intend to promote the re-wilding of the planet so that the biomass of wild vertebrates in 2026 is equal to or greater than the biomass of wild vertebrates in 2010 and the alarming declines reported by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are reversed and YEAR ZERO : 2026 is averted.