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Jessica Lannine
Climate Healers
Local Groups Coordinator


Jessica Lannine, of NC, holds a BFA in Art, with a concentration in Painting and a concentration in Education.  After reading Diet For A New America by John Robbins, she went vegan as a rising sophomore in college in 1997. 

In 2019, she found Dr. Rao and Climate Healers.  After watching Dr. Rao's “Prevent Year Zero” video and the first webinar in the “How Not to Go Extinct” series, she was inspired to figure out a way to try to help Climate Healers accelerate the shift to a vegan world. 

Knowing that the 2019 VOMAD global survey of vegans concluded that feature-length documentaries was the number one thing that made vegans first consider going vegan, she had the idea to create local Climate Healers Groups, which could screen documentaries and other films for free to the public as a means of education.  These groups would also provide other educational outreach, directing people to Climate Healers. 

Jessica reached out to Dr. Rao with the idea for the groups, and Dr. Rao approved.  The first Climate Healers Group was founded in June 2019.  Jessica is now part of a global team of Climate Healers, collaborating to make their shared dreams a reality.