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Jamen Shively
Co-Founder & President
Radish, Radical Collective Intelligence


Jamen Shively, age 50, has been involved in technology, humanitarian and environmental work since high school, when he traveled to central Mexico four times for summer- and winter-long volunteer projects involving latrine construction, sanitation, and community health development.  Studying civil engineering and AI at U.C. Berkeley and M.I.T., Jamen went on to consult and work for a number of multinational companies, including Cemex of Mexico, and Microsoft, where he worked as Corporate Strategy Manager, developing a strategy and platform for leap-frogging Google into the lucrative space of B2B search and marketplaces.

Post-Microsoft, Jamen founded Diego Pellicer Inc., one of the first legal cannabis companies in the United States, and the one which garnered the lion’s share of media coverage worldwide in 2012 and 2013, bolstered by a high-profile partnership with former Mexican President Vicente Fox.  Jamen committed 100% of his share of the profits from this venture to ending world hunger, and, seeing the synergies between solving two major global problems simultaneously – hunger and prohibition – envisioned a platform and process for simultaneously and holistically solving all of the world’s most daunting problems.

With the rising consciousness around exponential climate change, in 2014 Jamen co-founded Radish.org with Michael Call to make this vision a reality.  Since then, Jamen and Radish have incubated the Radish platform for radical collective intelligence (RCI), the CCC standard for a compassionate economy, Community Cafes for ending world hunger, and various other platforms for solving world problems and transforming life on Earth.  Jamen’s current focus is on completing the RCI platform, and on rallying the world’s major religions to embrace collective intelligence as a grand, unifying meta-solution for generating all of the specific solutions needed to save as much of life on Earth as possible, including humanity.