How Much Can Earth Rebound?

Through the Integrated Science Assessment Model (ISAM) developed by Prof. Atul Jain, a Professor of Atmospheric Sciences and land carbon expert at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, we calculated that if native forests were to be restored on pasture lands which had been deforested by humans since 1800, that alone would sequester an additional 265 Gigatons of Carbon (GtC) on just 41% of the pasture land on earth. Since the other 59% of the land was likely deforested prior to 1800, it is reasonable to assume that if 100% of that land were to be reforested through agro-foresty and vegan permaculture, we could proportionally sequester 646 GtC on all the pasture lands on the planet.

Such sequestration capacity is sufficient to draw down all the carbon that we have emitted during the fossil fuel era and thus restore the atmospheric CO2 on Earth down to safe levels as we wean ourselves off fossil fuels.