Great Cultural Transformations

The time is ripe for this change. Every major cultural transformation in human history has been accompanied by fundamental changes in how we communicate, how we harness energy and how we eat. The past three major cultural transformations, the Discovery of Fire (spoken language + fire + cooking), the Agricultural Revolution (writing + animal energy + agriculture) and the Industrial Revolution (printing press + fossil fuels + factory farms), concentrated power in the hands of fewer and fewer people as the Caterpillar grew and grew. In the upcoming "Vegan World 2026!" transformation (Internet with Holo + Solar Energy with DC Grid + Local Organic Vegan Eating (LOVE)), these three fundamental changes will help radically distribute that power back to "We, the People".

The Internet by itself had been co-opted by the Big Four, specifically through Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon. With Holochain peer-to-peer technology, we have the software platform to take the internet back using its combination of the tamper-resistant, log functionality of Blockchain and the distributed, robust data-handling capability of BitTorrent. Likewise, the DC Grid technology with battery storage ensures that solar energy systems can be locally resilient, thereby decentralizing them.

Vegan World 2026! would be the greatest of all cultural transformations in human history as it moves humanity from a dominant, hierarchichal society to a nurturing, decentralized society.