4.4 My Vegan Conversion

When I immigrated to the US and came to know of the horrific conditions in which dairy cows are raised in the US, I justified my continued consumption of dairy products telling myself that it is different in India. I spun a cocoon of denial around myself so that I didn't have to face the reality of what I was consuming on a daily basis. But the truth kept intruding, time and again.

5.8 Re-imagining Our Relationship

The Nobel-winning behavioral economist, Daniel Kahnemann, said,

“We can be blind to the obvious. And we can be blind to our blindness.”

But the time is ripe for our globally connected industrial civilization to overcome culturally bequeathed habits that no longer serve their original purpose and transition to a truly nonviolent, sustainable, steady-state presence on Earth.

6.1 The Earth’s Story

Who or what is the Earth anyway? Is the Earth just a big lump of rock with useful resources on it, a "Blue Marble" as seen from outer space? Or is the Earth a more complex material object governed by the laws of physics and chemistry, but still insentient? Or is the Earth also an intelligent, sentient being endowed with some independent agency executed through Life, though confined to a prescribed orbit around the sun, as in James Lovelock's "Gaia" model and in the "Mother Earth" formulation embraced by most Eastern and indigenous wisdom traditions?