7.2 The How of Change

Dr. Vandana Shiva, the Indian humanitarian and environmentalist, said recently[18],

"There are two great trends sweeping the world: one, a trend of diversity, democracy, freedom, joy, culture, people celebrating their lives. And the other, monocultures, deadness, everyone depressed, everyone on Prozac. We don't want that world of death."

It’s fitting that at this time of great transformation, we see extreme polarization so that people can clearly discern the fork in the road.

7.7 The Half-Earth Solution

If it’s true that the melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is unstoppable and our major coastal cities drown, humans can rebuild cities inland. If it’s true that the scorching of the American Southwest will be irreversible, humans can move out of Nevada into Utah. If it’s true that it is going to be impossible to grow food in Syria, humans can migrate from Syria into Europe.

8.2 Stumbling on a Breakthrough

To experiment with the traditional chulha in a controlled setting, the team decided to build a makeshift chulha in the backyard of our hotel in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Though our makeshift chulha was going to be made with bricks and would not have mud caked around it as the traditional version in the villages, we felt that having a controlled setting would be useful for making comparisons. Once that chulha was built, I was tasked with starting the fire.