Thoughts on Lab Grown Meat

Lab Grown Meat.jpg
If you are not at the table as an equal, you are on the menu
— Tony Gonzalez, American Indian Movement

Vegans are a diverse bunch. Some Vegans are enthusiastic about lab grown meat and some, not so much.

From an ethical perspective, Veganism is about abolishing animal slavery/objectification and respecting all life. To understand the situation of lab-grown meat from the standpoint of ethical Veganism, I like to put myself in the shoes of the victim and see how that feels:

I imagine that a group of aliens have taken over the Earth and like to eat humans for food. I finally manage to persuade the most progressive among the aliens to stop enslaving, objectifying and eating humankind. However, some among the aliens ask if they could take a few cells from my body instead and use that to grow my meat in the lab, because they really, really like to eat the meat of human beings for food. It's a matter of taste, tradition and fond memories of their childhood days for them.

How would I feel about this?

Personally, I don't think I would be too happy about this. From a practical standpoint, I would be concerned that if they had a power outage in their industrial facilities for making lab grown meat, they would revert back to eating me and my friends again, even if the lab grown meat movement is wildly successful.

I would be concerned that as long as my body is falsely considered as "essential food" by the aliens, a subset of them would find it cheaper to grow me and my friends directly instead of growing my meat in the lab.

I would be concerned that many of the aliens would see me as the "real meat" and consider the lab grown stuff as "fake meat". Therefore, the lab grown meat might be used as a means to perpetuate the continued enslavement and oppression of human beings for food by the Alien Meat industry.

Finally, I would be concerned that lab grown meat wouldn't address the fundamental root cause of the factory farming and oppression of humans by the aliens: the systemic promotion of Greed, Animal foods and Selfishness (GAS) among the aliens, which is also causing tremendous inequity, injustice and ill health among the aliens themselves.

Therefore, I would urge the aliens to abandon the idea of lab grown human meat and develop all the necessary infrastructure for a nonviolent plant-based Vegan world instead.

What do you think?