Awakening to Survival : 2026

We envision a world of love, unity and abundance, but this requires us to change course at this perilous time.

Since 1970 more than half of wild animals have been killed.
At the rate we are killing wildlife, we will have virtually no wild animals left by 2026. This loss means whales, penguins, monkeys, koalas, tigers, eagles, giraffes, none of these animals would be left, except in zoos.

This is the biggest crisis of our lifetimes because it threatens our very existence. This horrific milestone will mark an ecological turning point. Year Zero will present unimaginable extreme weather on a scale that the human race has never experienced: extreme drought, massive wildfires, flood events, etc.

That extreme weather will in turn trigger political and societal disruption and chaos as millions are displaced and become refugees.

From cities to rural areas, land and homes will become uninhabitable.

Animal agriculture is the leading cause of global deforestation, habitat destruction, wildlife extinction, ocean dead zones, soil degradation and climate change, because it is resource intensive and highly inefficient. Animals eat almost 40 times what they produce as meat, dairy or eggs. 83% of agricultural land is currently used for raising farm animals for food.

The good news is more than 80% of the food that humans consume is already plant-based. Less than 20%  of the food humans eat is meat, dairy and eggs. When we reduce that percentage to zero by 2026 we will have made substantial progress towards reversing climate change, wildlife extinction and deforestation, thereby Preventing Year Zero.

It is totally unnecessary to eat animal foods for health or survival. Following a plant-based lifestyle can reverse and prevent fourteen of the fifteen leading causes of death, including cancer and heart disease. Due to the increasing variety of plant-based food options, it is now easier than ever to go vegan.

Therefore it is totally unnecessary to exploit, enslave, torture and kill animals or to engage in institutionalized animal abuse. We reject a system of forced breeding, mutilation and killing of animals. We demand this system of normalized violence be replaced by a system of normalized non-violence. We commit to supporting this vision to assist in the joy and wellness of all beings through a vegan lifestyle.

For all the above reasons, we are committed to achieving a Vegan World by 2026.

Our Guiding Principles are:

1.  All animals have the inalienable right to live free of exploitation, forced breeding, torture, and slaughter.

2.  We reject the idea that religious beliefs, cultural traditions and economic arguments are valid reasons for denying them these inalienable rights.

3.  We believe in the intersectionality of these basic rights with the inalienable human rights.

4.  Compassion for all life is infinitely sustainable.

Our Demands are:

1.  Governments stop subsidizing animal agriculture and start promoting organic plant agriculture.

2.  Media report the truth about animal agriculture’s devastating impact on human health, the environment, and our fellow creatures.

Our Pleas are:

1.  Environmental, conservation, health, animal welfare and religious organizations adopt a public vegan policy.

2.  Consumers stop buying animal products.


Maribel Anglada, Mundo Vegano
Denise Bitz, Founder and President, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue
Donna Dennison, That Snarky Vegan Girl
Renee King-Sonnen, Executive Director and Founder, Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

Marilyn Kroplick, President, In Defense of Animals
Carol Manetta, Executive Director, REAP
Gustavo Pacheco, President, Mundo Vegano
Mariette Papic, Holochain and JustOne Organics
Jaine Rao, Climate Healers
Sailesh Rao, Climate Healers

Jane Velez-Mitchell, Jane Unchained
Gary Wirkkala, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue