ExxonMobil's war against climate scientists

It is time for ExxonMobil to come clean about the war it waged against climate scientists and their work during the George W. Bush presidency, part of its efforts to stop the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions that affect its products.

The company is currently under investigation following accusations that its senior management has known for several decades that burning fossil fuels is the main driver of climate change — even while it manufactured doubt about the scientific evidence among policymakers and the public...

Sailesh Rao

Dr. Sailesh Rao is an Electrical Engineer, systems specialist, Climate Healer, author of "Carbon Dharma: The Occupation of Butterflies" and "Carbon Yoga: The Vegan Metamorphosis", and Executive Producer of "The Human Experiment", "Cowspiracy," "What The Health” and “A Prayer for Compassion.