“How Not To Go Extinct” Webinar Series



Part 1: Overview - The Climate Healers Hypothesis (Feb 9, 2019)

This describes the ecosystems role for human beings as the thermostat species of planet Earth and how we must begin to consciously fulfill that role in generations to come. The slides for the presentation can be found here.


Part 2: Political: Make America Brave Again (Mar 9, 2019)

This describes the changes that need to occur in the organization and decision making processes of humanity so that we can effectively fulfill our ecosystems role as the Thermostat/Caretaker species of the planet.

The slides for this presentation can be found here.


Upcoming Webinars in the series:

Apr 13, 2019 : Part 3: Social - Make Humanity Belong Again
May 11, 2019 : Part 4: Ecological - Make Earth Green Again
Jun 8, 2019 : Part 5: Spiritual - Make God Great Again
Jul 13, 2019 : Part 6: Economy - Vegan World 2026!

All Webinars will be conducted at 10am and 10pm MST on the specified dates. To join, please go to