The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world
— Paul Farmer
Grassroots activism at its best in Leicester, UK, during the inaugural Circle of Remembrance event...

Grassroots activism at its best in Leicester, UK, during the inaugural Circle of Remembrance event...

The Factual Case for Veganism

GOING VEGAN is the single most powerful act that we can do to address not just animal cruelty, but almost all the major environmental, health and social justice issues in the world. In this page, we present factual evidence for this assertion by way of the "Go Vegan" card.

The "Go Vegan" card is a simple device to empower Vegans into becoming effective activists. It contains all the useful information for a Vegan transition in a simple format that is easy to follow. When you hand this card to a friend or relative, you are turning them into a potent force for positive change on Earth.

We firmly believe that in the metamorphosis to Vegan World 2026! over the next few years, the single-most potent force for positive change is the informed consumer. Through our trilogy of documentaries, "The Human Experiment," "Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret," and "What The Health," we have established that our Governments, NGOs, Corporations and Institutions are constitutionally incapable of leading in this regard.

Please download the images of the front and back of the card from your browser (right-click and save image) and take them to any print shop to get standard personal cards made. There are cards with factual evidence specific to each topic in the page linked by each icon so that you can choose whatever topic interests your circle the most as well. The back image can also be printed on your regular business cards so that they become effective tools for Vegan advocacy.

Let's get empowered!

Front of "Go Vegan" Card

Front of "Go Vegan" Card

Back of "Go Vegan" card

Back of "Go Vegan" card

For facts and references, please click on icons below

History is a race between education and catastrophe
— H. G. Wells
Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere
— Martin Luther King, Jr.
We can be blind to the obvious while blind to our blindness
— Daniel Kahnemann
Until he extends the circle of compassion to all living beings, man himself will not find peace
— Albert Schweitzer
Tiny tweaks can lead to big changes
— Amy Cuddy
We must always attempt to lift as we climb
— Angela Davis
We are what we eat, drink, think, say and do
— Patricia Bragg
Anyone that stands idly by, becomes complicit in what is going on
— Hedy Epstein