Animal Cruelty


Fact 1:

Do you know how many animals die each year for our food? 70 Billion land animals and 1-3 trillion sea animals die each year for our food! That is, one animal dies every 1-3 days for every single human being on Earth! These animals scream and fight for their lives to the bitter end.


The number of sea animals killed per year dwarfs the number of land animals killed. Given that there are 7.5 billion human beings today, the number of animals killed per person per day is 1-3 trillion/365/7.5 billion which is approximately 1/3-1.

Therefore, the average Vegan will be saving one animal's life every 1-3 days.

The number of land animals killed for food is derived from the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) statistics for the year 2014. The grand total of land animals killed in the year 2014 is 70,174,918,124 and the breakdown is as follows:

Meat, ass 2,701,670
Meat, bird nes 58,781,000
Meat, buffalo 26,220,078
Meat, camel 3,129,069
Meat, cattle 300,074,797
Meat, chicken 62,005,780,000
Meat, duck 2,858,773,000
Meat, goat 444,168,894
Meat, goose and guinea fowl 662,823,000
Meat, horse 4,803,585
Meat, mule 513,739
Meat, other camelids 952,926
Meat, other rodents 70,280,000
Meat, pig 1,473,628,702
Meat, rabbit 1,068,470,000
Meat, sheep 545,078,664
Meat, turkey 648,739,000

The statistic for the number of sea animals killed each year comes from the excellent analysis done by Mood and Brook of the Fishcount organization in the UK in 2010. Their actual estimate is between 0.97 trillion and 2.74 trillion, which we rounded to 1-3 trillion.

Fact 2:

On average, we kill more animals in one minute today than the number of civilians killed in one year by the Nazis during their reign of terror.


The number of animals we kill per minute can be calculated as 1-3 trillion/365/24/60 = 1.9-5.7 million. The Nazis ruled from 1933 to 1945 and in that span, they killed approximately 17.5 million civilians, which works out to 1.45 million per year.